A Platform to Grow Your Business Online

As one of India’s oldest and largest B2B e-commerce platforms, connect buyers and suppliers to create a customer-driven value chain for SMEs, large enterprises, and individuals. Integrating businesses into global value chains requires bringing them together on a single platform to interact and conduct business smoothly, securely, and efficiently.

Business listing websites will help you increase your business visibility and give you a better chance to attract sales and leads and gain more customers. By typing in your keyword or zip code, you can find the best business directories that are perfect for your Business. Whether you’re looking to grow your professional network or drive targeted traffic, this article is full of resources on all the top platforms that can help you do that!

Vision believes that technology and innovation can help change Business through digitization and provide 360-degree solutions for small businesses. With a robust presence in India and 10+ countries worldwide, we can help global buyers who are looking for Indian suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters.

Core Values

By the Customers. For the Customers. goal is to empower our customers. All our processes are designed to provide the best user experience through technological transformations and innovation. We work with a unified goal of building long-term partnerships that create an impact that’s not limited to customers’ Businesses, an impact that touches their lives.

People Focused

In our culture, we work hard to instill belongingness and trust in all of our employees. We are not limiting ourselves by providing growth and working flexible hours around our interests; we let people take their ideas and see them through without being led by others. Our employees will push themselves to the limit to contribute in any way they can to move the company forward.


The underlying principle of this Business is honesty and trust with an emphasis on transparency. We do the right thing, even when no one is watching.